Professional Training

CI 63-814-00/81 Postgraduate Diploma in IT Forensics

Background : The Postgraduate Diploma in IT Forensics programme to be offered by HKU Cyberport Institute of Hong Kong (HKU Cyber.i) will provide professionals with an excellent opportunity to enhance their IT Forensics knowledge for developing his/her career to be Crime Laboratory Analyst, Forensic Engineer and Crime Scene Examiner. Graduates from IT, Business or Accounting are suitable to enroll this programme.

Aims and
Objectives :
This programme aims to equip participants with an in-depth knowledge on the following topics:
  • Use of Digital Evidence Search Kit (DESK)
  • Use forensic tool to preserve digital evidence
  • Discriminating between physical and digital evidence
  • Applying the Computer Crime Ordinance and Personal Data Privacy Ordinance
  • Analysing different types of theft cases
  • Applying the Crime Scene management technique to collect and preserve evidence
Enquires : (Tel) + 852 2587 3273
(Fax) + 852 2807 2054            

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